Get time back on your side

Lead yourself

Lead yourself

Making good use of time is about managing ourselves. Develop the awareness, skills and techniques for creating effective personal leadership.

Manage stress

Manage stress

There is a ‘right’ amount of stress that gets us motivated. Too much stress reduces our ability to be effective. Learn to use stress to your advantage.

Get more done

Make Time Work is a new approach to getting more out of our time. Help in dealing with modern life pressures and the ‘always-on’ mode we are all feeling.

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Looking for a Training Program for yourself?

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Quotes from clients

Marissa Demetriou

I found the course incredibly helpful in identifying a lot of the behavioural traps I get into. Given I juggle full time work with print and other deadlines, time management is something I need to really need to implement and your course had a lot of really helpful pointers on getting started and maintaining your new habits. I found your points on goal setting particularly helpful.

I recommended the course to everyone back at work, thanks again!

Marissa DemetriouWriter, Freelance
Adriaan ter Horst

With days getting away from me at work, Geoff helped me structure my agenda and task list. Great pragmatic tips and tricks have really helped me improve daily habits and become more efficient on an ongoing basis.

Touch points every couple of weeks mean that the advice I’m getting is tailored to my specific day to day issues, and helps me stay on track (not just some theory and then ‘good luck’!).

Adriaan ter HorstSenior Manager, Macquarie Group

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