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Project Management – Year in Review article by Kestrel Stone

Kestrel Stone is one of the smartest people working in Project Management. Based in Sydney, Kestrel runs a Project Management training business called Elemental Projects. Kestrel has recently published an article summarising 2015 from a Project Management standpoint, and looking at the trends that are emerging. Well worth a read. Smart, insightful and knowledgable writing as […]

7 signs time is not working

When we’re under pressure and stress levels start to rise, our capacity for self-awareness is reduced. People around us can see the visible signs – the furrowed brow and shoulders that are up around our earlobes. This list shows some of the signals we can read ourselves – like looking at our mind ‘in the […]

Salespeople & Attention

Mind-space is precious in the Attention Economy I am training a team of 12 professional business-to-business salespeople tomorrow. In addition to looking forward to the session hugely, I am thinking today about the challenge it represents. Why a challenge? Because this team, and others just like them, do something every day that most people find […]

Staying focused is tough – time out is key

Life is moving faster, and it’s making it hard for us to stay focused. Not only do we have more meetings per week, more emails per day and more distractions per nano-second, the end of our to-do list becomes more distant with each passing day. In a recent HBR blog post titled ‘The Upside of Downtime”, […]