Time Management Skills Training

Make time work for your team

Geoff Nix, Trainer + Coach

What the course covers

Make Time Work is a powerful time management skills training program that leaves participants feeling more in control. Attendees are more calm and focussed, their capacity to give their full attention to the task in front of them significantly improved. We help you create positive change.

  • True value of time

    Placing the right value on time is key to ensure the way it’s used is carefully planned

  • Self awareness

    Understanding our own style, including how it helps and hurts, is an important step to improvement

  • Barriers + blocks

    Knowing the ‘barriers to effectiveness’ helps participants create new time management strategies

  • Impulse control

    Emotional intelligence is an important factor in applying focus, helping participants know their triggers & responses

  • Directing attention

    Using our Working Memory, or ‘Mental RAM’ means getting in the zone faster, staying there longer

  • Overcoming procrastination

    Understanding why we put off certain tasks is the first step in developing techniques to just ‘get it done’

  • Stress

    Stress is a normal part of working life. Keeping it under control as a motivating force is a key skill

  • Organised chaos

    The course helps participants learn techniques for managing randomness & uncertainty

  • Right task, right time

    Most people are ‘morning people’ who then spend the best part of their day (the first 2 hours) on email. Knowing our peak times is key to getting the right work done at the right time

  • Managing email

    Email is a tool that’s supposed to help us get work done. We help participants get email under control

  • Great goals

    Goals help us set priorities. On this program, participants plan their goals for the year ahead, and the current month

  • Interruptions & distractions

    Some interruptions we create for ourselves. Others we allow into our world. We help participants reduce their impact & frequency

  • Physical solutions

    Whether it’s a messy workspace or sitting for too long, our brain & body are connected. We help with techniques & skills to maximise energy & enthusiasm levels

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Quotes from clients

Sharyn Smith

We completed a Make Time Work course with Geoff across the whole Social Soup team and it has significantly impacted our business. Geoff presents the course in an engaging and interesting way and helps implement behaviours to make things stick. Geoff had the depth of experience and knowledge to make the course relevant to our business. People were much more aware of how they spent their time, we had similar language across the business and it has helped the management team implement the new behaviours.

I highly recommend Make Time Work for any business looking to work smarter and it covers junior team members learning how to work, through to experienced executives who need some timely reminders on getting the most out of every day.

Sharyn SmithFounder & CEOSocial Soup
Luis De Carvalho

Informative, straight to the point and a godsend! This course has given me the power to finally manage work and personal life to a point where I’m actually achieving my goals sooner rather than later.

Luis De CarvalhoEngineerHands-On Systems
Marissa Demetriou

Given I juggle full time work with print and other deadlines, time management is something I need to really need to implement and your course had a lot of really helpful pointers on getting started and maintaining new habits. I found your points on goal setting really helpful.

Marissa DemetriouWriterFreelance

Our time management skills training program builds team effectiveness

Managing people, workflow and quality is a constant and complex challenge. Many of the issues and challenges have a common foundation. Are you experiencing these issues in your team?


Missed deadlines with the same old ‘reasons’ ?


Ineffective delegation leading to last minute overtime?


Simple, obvious mistakes being made repeatedly?


Team members rushing their work – attention to detail suffering?


Shallow thinking – team members jumping to the easy/safe option?